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От кого: Aija Nuke <aija.nuke@inbox.lv>
Кому: КЛК Москва <mos-cat@mail.ru>
Копия: WCFeV <WCFeV@aol.com>, treasurer@wcf-online.de, Gisela Danisch <WCF@gmx-topmail.de>, wcf show.license <wcf.show.license@gmail.com>, wcf.secretarygeneral@inbox.lv
Дата: Четверг, 8 августа 2019, 21:10 +03:00
Тема: RU-0179 - special permissionchanged status - August 24-25, 2019 - Eastern-1, Moscow, Russia

Dear Mrs. Makarova,

herewith I give the following special permission for your International show at August 24-25 , 2019, area Eastern-1, Moscow, Russia.

Reason:  Non-compliance with the 3-week term between International Exhibitions.

Mrs. Lyudmila Makarova, Russia (AB, WCF)
Mrs. Elena Gudkova, Russia (AB, WCF)
Mrs. Olga Belyaeva, Russia (AB, WCF)
Mrs. Elena Ignatova, Russia (AB, WCF)
Mrs. Anzhela Likhachova, Belarus (AB, WC

The license manager will provide a license.
This counts for your special permission once per year because of special circumstances.

The double license fee is charged.

With regards,
Aija Nuke

Show Commission

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Subject: RU-0179 asks for special permission
Date: ceturtd., 8 aug. 2019, 14:55
КЛК Москва <mos-cat@mail.ru>
To: Aija Nuke 

Dear Mrs. Nuke,

Club Moskva, WCF RU-0179, asks for special permission to make the exhibition at August 24-25, 2019 as international show.
License L # 191030 is attached, place of show - Moscow, Eastern area-1.

Best regards
Liudmila Makarova
President of MG KLK Moskva, reg.
№ RU-0179